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Bypass Facebook Verifications

Many guys has faced the problem with facebook phone verification. Where is a problem there is a way. So I have been seen so many people in posting that how to bypass facebook phone verifications?
Ok. Here is small solution which can help you to do it.
If you ever wanted to a way to bypass google or facebook phone verification system, here is a free method. Follow me ...
  • Go to Pinger.com
  • Register a account
  • Sign up under U.S Proxy
  • Register for Facebook Account.
  • Use the Pinger number to help verify Facebook SMS Verification.
For my facebook marketing I have registered so many accounts with this small trick. I hope it will help you. If you are facing any problem you can ask and share with me. I'm always ready for you.

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Anonymous said...

facebook blocked pinger.com, sadly this trick no longer work when I need a way to bypass the lame verification

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