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What is blogger.com and How To Blog For Free?

What is blogger? It is a common question I have ever found. I have got many and many mails including What is blogger? from my new friends. They want to know about the blogger blog. Lets get a small idea on what is blogger?

What is Blogger? 
What is blogger?

  • Blogger is a full free web hosting to make a free blog.
  • You can make your free blogger blog without any cost any time.
  • You can have your blog about any subject. Like about your lifestyle, dogs name, your country, your journey, your business or anything you like to share.
  • Blogger is a company that is owned by Google.
  • You can make multiple blog on a account.
  • Most of the people are now making blogger blogs and making money with advertisements.
  • This is my blogger blog and now I am sharing with you the answer of what is blogger?
Now go to http://blogger.com Sign up free and start free blogging.

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