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How To Save Widget Below of the Header

Sometimes some friends face in problems on "How to save widget below header". If your blogger has no option to add just after the blogger header you can add the widget just after the header of blogger blogs.

Follow my instructions below:
  1. Login to Blogger with your ID.
  2. Click in the Layout tab.
  3. Click Page Element tab and look at the structure of your layout template. Usually, the header element will be show like this :
    header elemen
  4. Just click on Edit HTML tab.
  5. Click sentence Download Full Template, you must backup this thing. It’s very important!
  6. Find out codes which like this :
    <b:section class='header' id='header' maxwidgets='1' showaddelement='no'>
  7. Delete that code and change with this one:
    <b:section class='header' id='header' preferred='yes'>
  8. Click Save Template button. Wait ‘till this is done.
  9. Click Page Element tab and  your layout template will be like this :

  10. Feel please to customize your blog with a new Page Element below the header.
  11. In order to add Page Element, you can click Add Page Element. You can add anything you want. And then, you can drag the new element, below of header elementr, if you already finish your business with your new element.
  12. If your setting was done, just click SAVE in top of that page.
  13. Well done, now see the result.

Happy blogging to all.
Note: If you face problems you can ask me any question with comment on this blog.

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