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How to add PAYPAL DONATE button to your blogger blog

Do you want to make PAYPAL DONATE button? Do you know How to make a paypal donate button and add them in your blog? Adding a Paypal donation button to your blog will give you some chance to get some money from your visitors.
Lets to show you how to do this... To do so you must have a paypal account. If you don't have it you can go to paypal.com and make a free one. And then ....

Step 1:  Log in your paypal account.
Step 2:  When you are in paypal home page then click on Merchant Services at the top of the page
Step 3:  When a new page will open here you will get some options to create buttons in various aspects. As you are willing to make a paypal donate button. Click on DONATE. Look at the picture below.
Step 4:  Fill all the required options and click on create button.
Step 5:  Now you have successfully made your paypal donate button. Paypal will give you html codes for your donate button.
Step 6:  Now Copy it and sign in to your blogger dashboard » Click on the layout » Add a Page element » html/javascript » and paste that html code and save changes.
You are done and successfully applied your paypal donete button in your blogger blog. If you have any question ask me on via comment here.

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