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Google is Crawling my site very fast - crawling your site slow?

Why Google is not crawling my site? How to get my site crawl Google fast? Ok I have the solution. There are couple of problems for which you are going down for non-crawling Google your web posts. Listen carefully and try to solve those problems.
Problem No.1: Your website or blogs content is not original or it is duplicated from anywhere of the web. You have directly got it and have pasted into your web post.

Solution: Try to write your content with your own idea. If you can't then go to multiple websites with relevant content for your website and copy the contents in notepad you want. Then try to edit the article as you can. Then the article is renewed. And it is an original content finally.

Problem No.2: You have not made a sitemap on Google Webmasters Tools.
Solution: Go to Google Webmasters Tools and signup with your existing Google account and submit a sitemap. Now wait and let Google to crawl your site.

Problem No: 3 Your blog has no relevant links. So that Google consider that your blog is important.
Solution: You can post comment in the top rated and high ranked site and leave a link on the comment of your blog. Be ware that the websites content must to be relevant with your blog.

Primarily you can follow these instructions and I think you will get the result as like me.

I have followed those instructions so that Google is crawling my blog posts less than 1 minute. I have attached my blog posts screenshots.

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