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"Email Me" Link in Blogger Blog or in webpages

How to add a "Email me" link on your blog?

Add/ Create Email Me on blogger blog. In blog/webpage "Email me" link is very helpful for the visitors who want to contact with you. It increases the interactivity between the visitors and your site and make them come regularly. Also visitor can solve the problem what they face after reading the blogs articles.

There are plenty of problems if you show your email address directly on your site as SPAMMERS find your email address easily via search engines,and other sources.
So,by adding this type of links will hide your email address and If your visitors want to contact you, they will click on it.If the visior want to sent to you via another source like yahoo, google etc they will simply copy the email address (in the outlook express) and email you.
On clicking the links,WINDOWS OUTLOOK EXPRESS will be open by default.
So,how to add the "Email me" link?

There are two types of ways to do it.One is text link and another one is image link.

Text Link:Suppose, your email id is abc@gmail.com ,here is the code you have to add
<a href="mailto:abc@gmail.com">Email me </a>
Don't forget to change the email address in the above code to your's.If you want another anchor text(not "Email me"),you can change it.
Image link:
Suppose,if you want the visitors to email you by clicking on an image like the below one

Email me
First you have to upload your picture to some image hosting services. They will give a direct link for the uploaded image.Take a note of it.
In this example: the direct link for the uploaded image is http://i219.photobucket.com/albums/cc286/7kranthiswaroop/thenvelope.gif and your email address is some abc@gmail.com ,the code you have to add is
<a href="mailto:abc@gmail.com"><img src="http://i219.photobucket.com/albums/cc286/7kranthiswaroop/thenvelope.gif" alt="Email me" width="120" height="57" border="0" /></a>

Where to paste this code in your blogger(blogspot) blog?
Sign into your blogger dashboard> layout> add a page element> html/javascript and Paste the code and save the changes.
That's it!

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