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How to Add Meta Tags to Blogger Blogs for SEO

Adding Meta Tags are Most Important for SEO your blog. In this Blogger tutorial I will show you the best way to add meta tags to your Blogger blog (Blogspot blog) to improve the your Blogger SEO platform.

First of all, I would like to teach you about Meta Tags what are we going to our blogger Blog. If you are totally new and ignore about meta tags read the passage below about Meta Tags.

What are Meta Tags?
Meta tags are HTML tags that provide additional information about your blog that is unseen by visitors but available to search engines. The meta description tag, for example, provides a short summary of the page content. The keyword meta tags show the keywords and keyword phrases a visitor might use to find your blog. Because of abuse of meta tags search engines have become smarter and most no longer place emphasis on keywords to establish page ranking however keyword meta tags are still used by some search engines so it is a good idea to include them.

Know about Limitations of Blogger and SEO
Blogger is not properly Optimized Seo friendly. Meta descriptions and keywords are not supported by blogger.com by default. Title tags are also not optimized. But where is will there is a way. The webmaster has made a way to use Meta Tags to Blogger blogs. But a disgusting matter is you will have to add all the Meta Tags all alone and manually.

How to Add Meta Tags to a Blogger Blogspot Blog Home Page?

Follow the following steps to add Meta Tags To your blog correctly.

Step:1 Login to Blogger account.
Step:2 Navigate to Design > Edit HTML
Step:3 Click on Download Full Template for your security purpose.
Step:4 Check the Expand Widget Templates box then..
Step:5 Press (Ctrl+F) to Find the lines below which will be near the top of your template:

<b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/>

Step:6 Paste the following code immediately below

<b:if cond='data:blog.url == data:blog.homepageUrl'>
<meta content='Your blog description here' name='description'/>
<meta content='Your blog keywords here(separate by commas)'

Step:7 Enter your blog description between the single quote marks under description. Maximum 150 characters

Step:8 Enter the keywords of your blog between the single quote marks under keywords. But Keywords are not so important now-a-days. Because most of the popular search engine has cancelled keywords as a part of SEO. Like: Google, Yahoo, Bing blah blah blah.

After adding the codes your Meta tags look like this below (it is an example):

<b:if cond='data:blog.url == data:blog.homepageUrl'>
<meta content='Find tips,tricks,tutorials,walkthroughs to customize your Blogger Blogspot blog.SEO,Banners,Adsense,gadgets,fixes,feeds,rss,help for beginner bloggers' name='description'/>
<meta content='blog,blogger,blogger.com,blogspot.com,blogspot,blogging,
tutorials,tips,blogger help,customize blogger,SEO,make money,gadgets,Google Adsense,banners, feeds,analytics,solutions

Step:9 Click on the Save Template button.

Step:10 To see your description in action you can either navigate to your blog's home page and click on view source in your browser. In Internet Explorer you will find this option in the view menu. A text document will appear which you can scroll through. You will see your description near the top of the document. Alternatively you can check your description in a free Meta Tag Analyzer tool such as Submit Express or SEO Centro


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